Security Report

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This report ensures that the following Trust and Safety audits were executed to protect website publishers and visitors.


Tested URL
10 total, 10 pass, 0 fail
Time stamp
2023-09-02 01:09


Title Description Result
Uses HTTPS All sites should be protected with HTTPS, even ones that don't handle sensitive data. This includes avoiding mixed content. Pass
Include front-end JavaScript libraries don't have known security vulnerabilities Intruders have automated web crawlers that can scan your site for known security vulnerabilities. When the web crawler detects a vulnerability, it alerts the intruder. From there, the intruder just needs to figure out how to exploit the vulnerability Pass
Links to cross-origin destinations are safe When you link to a page on another site using the target="_blank" attribute, you can expose your site to performance and security issues. Adding rel="noopener" or rel="noreferrer" to your target="_blank" links avoids these issues. Pass
Malware/Antivirus Check Website was scanned and no positive matches are found in partnered databases. Pass
Phishing Website Check The domain name is not listed in partnered phishing lists. Pass
Malicious Behavioral Analysis The domain name is not listed in partnered malicious URLs feeds. Pass
Anti-Spammer Check The domain name is not listed in partnered block lists. Pass
SSL/TLS Check Certificate trust, key size, signature algorithm, chain of trust, expiration status, and revocation check. Pass

Best Practices

Title Description Result
Redirects HTTP traffic to HTTPS If you've already set up HTTPS, make sure that you redirect all HTTP traffic to HTTPS in order to enable secure web features for all your users. Pass
No browser errors logged to the console Errors logged to the console indicate unresolved problems. They can come from network request failures and other browser concerns. Pass